Stone Creek Company

Rancho Bellagio Post Acute/Skilled Nursing Facility

Rancho Belagio Post Acute is a 99-bed skilled nursing facility (SNF) currently under construction on the campus of the Riverside University Health System Medical Center in Moreno Valley, California. When completed, the SNF will have 56 skilled nursing beds and 43 subacute beds. This new facility will serve a significantly under-bedded market area, with currently unmet demand for new SNF beds coupled with sub-acute services. Rancho Belagio will be one of only a handful of new SNF’s opened in California in recent years. Rancho Belagio will be operated by a subsidiary of Providence Group, under a long-term lease with StoneCreek’s ownership Group for this project. Providence, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a premier regional operator, with over 40 facilities and 3,000 beds in California. Construction of the facility will be completed in 4Q 2019, and first patients expected to occupy after licensure is completed in 1Q 2020.

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